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How to make edible packaging.

Can you have your water bottle and eat it too?

Inspired by techniques from molecular gastronomy, three London-based Spanish industrial design students created Ooho, a blob-like water container that they say is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible.

Here is their video showing how to chow down on the blob which costs only 2 cents to make!

As reported by Co.Exist

It is awesome to see innovative solutions to plastic waste being discovered everyday. Edible Packaging is a brilliant move towards a truely sustainable product. However, I do wonder how the Ooho would live in my bag without bursting onto my Kindle!

Maybe this solution is better for home use, replacing plastic bottles in the fridge and for those people who don’t have access to quality tap water.

Sustainable solutions do not necessarily have to mean that bottle packaging has to disappear, but that the bottle doesn’t have to be disposed of to the detriment of our Planet. This is why solid portable solutions such as stainless-steel bottles may fare better on the way to work when placed in the same bag as your other prized possessions!

What do you guys think? Would you prefer to have something edible like Ooho, or a solution that could last you a long time?

Water changes everything: Mariget’s Story


One of my favourite aspects of the GiveMeTap water projects is the community ownership through the elected water committee. An even more awesome part is how we ensure Women have a place at the decision table.

Mariget Wisdom is a female member of her committee and told us about the real sense of communal ownership of the water pump. People within Mariget’s community are trained to use, maintain and fix the pump so any future problems can be dealt with locally. This saves time, money & resources. It also teaches them skills and helps the village become self-sufficient.

The good quality of the water that is pumped through the Elephant Pump allowed the standards of hygiene within the community to really improve. Mariget explained how this meant she saves a lot of money on soap which she used to compensate for dirty water.

By having clean water access, women like Mariget are able to allocate their family’s resources in a more effective way. The also have the opportunity to become a key player in the health of the community as respected members of the water committee. 

Find out more about GiveMeTap

Happy Sunday!

6 stats that show how you save lives. Nice!


You spoke. We Listened.

Last month, we surveyed our bottle holders to ask what they wanted to see from GiveMeTap. Overwhelmingly, Tappers wanted more updates on water projects & how their bottle purchase has made a difference.

 Here is our first ‘Mid-Year Impact Report’! A 1-page summary of all of our impacts so far. 

By purchasing over 25,000 bottles you guys have funded 8 water projects across Africa. How awesome is that?!

It’s so simple. When you buy a bottle, you save lives! Tell your friends, tell your boss & tell your nan. Help hydrate the World today. They can get their bottle at »

Keep being awesome.
Edwin, Sanum & The GMT Team  xx

Lioness’ Story: How something as simple as water can save lives.


Lioness Dskonowbwe lives in a community riddled with widespread diarrhoea and many people had to spend a lot of their time and money at the health clinic being treated for illnesses like cholera. 

Clean water sources are so far away and travelling to them several times a day is a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous activity. Lioness told us about the benefits of having a water pump closer to her community.

Since the GiveMeTap pump’s installation there have been no serious cases of cholera and people are generally much healthier. Also they have more time for more productive things like working and going to school, which means they are much happier.

Lioness’s story is a prime example of how something as simple as clean water can not only effectively eradicate diseases but also eliminate the dangers of searching for water. It’s so simple!

Share this post & tell others about how they can help change the world. 

Keep on Tappin’

Can a supermarket help save the planet?! This one thinks so…

Every time I throw away the box once containing my blueberries, I cringe inside. I could have easily stored those little bubbles of anti-oxidants in my range of Tuppaware at home. There was just no need for the plastic!

I was therefore EXTREMELY excited to share this amazing crowd-funded idea with you guys. Original Unverpackt is the first supermarket to not provide packaging, but instead store produce in large bins. You can bring your packaging from home and fill up, a bit like a pic n mix but for groceries!

 The goals [as explained by 1 million women.]

- To remodel the consumer world and the shopping experience, so waste-free is the norm.

- No packaging waste after shopping.

- No “fad words” or fake consumer promises, just real food with real ingredients.

- Drastically reduced food waste – the aim is to buy just enough, rather than oversized packages of food that end up going out of date before getting consumed.

- The end of overflowing garbage bins.

- Drastically reduce carbon emissions. Our food and packaging waste are huge contributors to landfill and greenhouse gases. 

Although the video is in German, the visual are awesome enough for you to figure out just how it works and realise how revolutionary this could be for mainstream consumption. Thousands of tonnes of plastic and card packaging ends up in landfill every year, despite being recycled by consumers. Let’s nip this in the bud by using sustainable resources such as stainless steel & glass.

Original Unverpackt - Der neue Supermarkt from Original Unverpackt on Vimeo.

Water changes everything: Valentina’s story


At 67, Valentina is a mother to 8 children and a grandmother to many more. In a village with no clean water source, Water-borne diseases meant that 6 of her children didn’t finish school as they were to ill to go. She explained how malaria was a growing threat to the community due to previous open wells around the village,

Since the GiveMeTap Elephant Pump was built in Valentina’s village, there have been ZERO cases of malaria. Water-borne diseases have been significantly reduced in the community and the quality of life for people in the community has sky-rocketed.

Valentina’s children and grandchildren can now go to school more regularly without risks, which is very important to her; she believes that education is the key to development on a local and regional scale. 

Seeing first hand the impacts of your GiveMeTap bottles is a very surreal experience. We don’t just improve communities, each individual life is touched in such a significant way. We can’t wait to share more stories with you from the field.

In the mean time, share this post with your friends & family!

Keep on Tappin’

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How an International Superstar is on a mission to reduce plastic waste!

Will.I.Am and the guys at Coca-cola have come up with a pretty awesome way to reduce waste, create an enterprise & allow you to make pretty things. 

Boom. Boom. Pow!

Are there hormone-altering chemicals in your plastic bottle?

You have probably heard us explain about how BPA-free non-plastic bottles are the best way to stay hydrated. You have heard us scream about the superiority of stainless steel materials over plastics (even BPA-free ones). Well, now you know what all the fuss is about. A study has just been published in the Environmental Health Journal, claiming that BPA-free plastic water bottles could still leach contaminants into your liquids.

As reported by Mother Jones, the study uses UV exposure tests to find estrogen-mimicking chemicals in products such as Camelbak water bottles, blue Nalgene and AVENT baby bottles. In some products, researchers observed chemical contamination occurring under normal use conditions, not just after exposure to UV light or heat from a microwave or dishwasher.

Not only do estrogen-mimicking contaminants upset the hormonal balance of the body, some of the leeched substances are also carcinogenic, that is, a substance directly linked to the causes of cancer.


*Tested using BG-1 cells; Read about the methodology.

Source: George D. Bittner, et al, Environmental Health; Chart by Jaeah Lee

Although BPA-free plastic has proved a step up from single-use plastic products, it has become increasingly obvious that non-plastic alternatives such as stainless steel & glass are the best way to stay hydrated and to store food in a healthy way.

The GiveMeTap bottle is made out of high quality stainless steel, removing the dangers of these leeching chemicals. In a world full of so many external dangers, it is brilliant to know that we can take simple steps in order live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Let’s take control! Find out more about the benefits of the GiveMeTap bottle at

Innovation amazes us. Sustainable Innovation astounds us! Check out this pretty cool idea!